Is it for me...?

I’m a Physician, and I would like to initiate a small clinical trial to analyze another therapeutic approach. The problem is that creating a clinical trial is very expensive and the sponsors just fund bigger and multicentric trials.
ReseaArch® offers you the ability to create that trial without the cost barrier. Just contact us and be surprised !!
We are a Clinical Working Group and we would like to accelerate the research in our clinical field through clinical trials and publications.
We are very aware of the importance of the Clinical Working Groups (CWG) in furthering knowledge of pathologies and their treatment. We have launched several successful projects that have boosted the number of clinical trials and have significantly increased the publications of the CWG.
We are a Foundation for Biomedical Research, and we would like to improve the support to our Scientific Community in their basic research projects.
ReseaArch has been created to promote the clinical research by using a simple, scalable and affordable eHealth platform. You can build from Phase I to Phase IV trials without effort and removing the cost barrier.
We are a local Clinical department of a big Company and we would like to launch some small and simple local Studies to support the strategies of our business departments. But of course, we need to create them with the same quality standards as those coming from our International Clinical Division.
ReseaArch® is a great solution for this. We understand the complexity of the internal approvals for these initiatives. Just contact us for a very affordable solution.
We are a small/medium sized CRO and we don't have an EDC solution. We have analyzed several platforms, and we would like to know why we should choose ReseaArch®.
Of course, you should choose the solution that best fits your needs. If concepts like “affordable research”, “customer care”, “healthcare expertise” and “flexibility” resonate with you, you should consider ReseaArch® as alternative. Contact us and find out if we are the partner that you are looking for.
We are a Marketing department of a Healthcare Company and we are launching a new therapy. We would like to create a Registry to support our sales team in this promotion.
You can use ReseaArch® to create Registries, Screening projects, Patient Referral platforms, Post-marketing observational studies, eSurveys and more solutions to implement a successful launch.
We are a healthcare company and we would like to sponsor some small clinical studies of specific customers but this is usually very expensive.
ReseaArch® is perfect for this. It has been created to boost clinical research and the small projects that usually cannot be sponsored. Contact us and discover that now promoting several initiatives from your customers is totally affordable.