What is ReseaArch?

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The purpose

The purpose of ReseaArch® is to make clinical research accessible and affordable to any Physician, Healthcare Company, Scientific Organization or any other Healthcare stakeholder.

Our dream is to accelerate clinical research in order to generate knowledge that improves healthcare indicators, therapies, predictability of pathologies, chronic disease management, continuum of care, and as result have a society that is more conscious of prevention and self care.

We make this possible by enabling a solution for those clinical research initiatives that are not being implemented due to cost and unfamiliarity with the research process. We have created the ReseaArch® ecosystem for this purpose.

What is it?

ReseaArch® is a simple EDC solution combined with a powerful eHealth ecosystem.

It's an agile, easy and affordable solution to boost your studies or promote those inititated by your customers.

It's a low cost solution. You can create studies with a remarkably low cost. If you don't find funding for your amazing idea, no worries, ReseaArch® is really affordable.

ReseaArch® is the perfect tool to increase the number of publications, conference communications, etc, about a clinical field without effort. It's a fantastic way to create pilot projects to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of your new therapy.

It's not a...

It's not a CTMS.
It's not a complex EDC solution.

We have great and powerful platforms to manage clinical trials from these other approaches. Just contact us and we will be happy to offer you those services.


ReseaArch® is an eClinical ecosystem able to implement small or big clinical research initiatives. It's built over a safe and trusted eHealth architecture with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

ReseaArch® offers you powerful data management tools, a friendy user experience, a mobile app and much more.